How will the GPPA be structured?

All GPPA members participate in the general assembly that meets annually to review programmes, give feedback, elect the board and nominate operational committee members.

Founding members support the educational and operational aspects of the Academy and provide capital to set up the GPPA.

  • The names of the founding members will be acknowledged in the Academy building and on its literature and letter head.
  • One representative from each of the founding members will have a position on the board of the GPPA.

Members are the main operational group of the Academy, driving and supporting the activities of the GPPA through their own work and annual membership fees.

  • Members can use the GPPA logo on their literature and letter head.
  • They also have access to GPPA reports and publications.
  • Members elect representatives to the board of the GPPA.
  • They also elect operational committee members.

Associate members support the educational aspects of GPPA and pay a nominal annual fee to join.

  • Associate members have access to GPPA reports and publications.

The GPPA Board will comprise of the GPPA director, the operational committee chairpersons and elected GPPA members. It meets annually to appoint GPPA employees, approve the budget and plans. The affairs of the GPPA, and membership of board members will be regulated through the Constitution.