Who Qualifies To Become a Member?

GPPA is targeted at companies, associations and individuals active in the plastics pipe field in the greater Middle East region who are prepared to support and act in line with the GPPA’s mission. Companies, associations and individuals outside the region having similar objectives are also welcome to apply for membership in GPPA.

Why should I become a member?

GPPA will create benefits for its members that exceed the individual member’s contribution to GPPA. Building on member companies’ experience from the greater Middle East and other markets, GPPA will through its activities contribute to the development of a sustainable infrastructure in the region.

There are historic examples of short-sighted poor quality plastics pipe approaches that have had catastrophic consequences not only for the particular projects but also for the reputation of plastics pipes in general. The GPPA aims to help the pipe industry learn from these lessons and avoid a repetition in the future by creating better pipe systems.

For GPPA to succeed it is essential to have members representing the total pipe industry. Through education and knowledge sharing mistakes can be avoided for the benefit of the end user and everybody in the supply chain. After all, “quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”.

Your participation as a member of GPPA will help to raise this awareness and help achieve GPPA’s mission.